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Where the Chef Comes To Your House to Teach You (and maybe some of your friends, too). Chef johnson offers Personal Cooking Classes presented in a client's home in the Alabama areas.

Chef Johnson students have been busy, working professionals who've had little time to learn about cooking on their own. Some have been gourmets or frustrated gourmets, and some have wanted to learn about specific cuisines or dishes they've seen on the Food Network and some just want to learn how to cook one thing as well as their mothers or mother-in-laws.

Each class is personalized to so that you can learn something you really want to learn. The number of people in a class is limited based on the size of the client's kitchen and the goal of the class. Chef Johnson offers in-home personal cooking classes in one of two ways:


One-on-one, hands-on, private cooking instruction in your kitchen with Chef Johnson. The cooking lessons may be on a technique or cuisine you are interested in mastering or some recipe or food problem you want to conquer with the class size limited two students. A Chef Johnson cooking lesson, beginning at $350, lasts about four-hours, The tuition cost includes all food products needed for the class. The Chef Professor brings all tools and equipment needed for the lesson. The final products stay in your kitchen.


A cooking class focussed party with the Chef Johnson preparing a four or five course meal in your home before your guests. The cooking class is primarily demonstration, but party guests are invited to put on an apron, pick up a knife, and try their hand if they'd like. A Chef Johnson Personal Cooking Party, beginning at $400 (for "skills & technique classes" for 6 guests), lasts about five hours. The tuition includes all food products needed for the cooking class. Chef Johnson brings all required tools and equipment to prepare the party. Our clients have found the cooking class party to be a very fun event -- if for no other reason that all the guests have an excuse to hang out in the kitchen which is always fun.

Each skills and technique class includes a hands-on cooking segment and an information-sharing segment. The Chef Johnson tailors each class to the client's level (beginner to gourmet), interests, and food preferences. The instructor writes a tailored class menu and recipes, shops for the products to present the class, and provides informational handouts for each class.

Personal Cooking Class Lesson -- 4 Hours -- Up to 2 participants --$350. Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates.

Personal Cooking Class Party -- 4-5 hours -- Up to 6 participants -- $400 - 500. Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates. Food surcharge per person, above 6, may also be applied -- provided chef determines space will allow additional participants. Chef Donnell Johnson

Each of Chef Donnell's Private Cooking Classes Includes:

  • All the food necessary for the class
  • A half-hour of prep time to organize your kitchen like a pro
  • Approximately 1 ½ hours of hands-on cooking time to prepare restaurant-quality courses
  • 1 ½ hours of dining time to enjoy the dishes you've prepared
  • A half hour of clean up
  • Recipe handouts for every participant
  • Aprons and dishtowels for every participant
  • Professional kitchen tools for every participant to use


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Johnson's Catering provides cooking classes, catering, and ice sculpting (ice carving) in Birmingham, AL and surrounding
areas. Chef Donnell can also come to you which means that if you are close to Alabama, he can come to your town and
create the ice scuptures in your area to minimize problems with delivery and transportation.