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Have a GREEN Wedding!

Your wedding will be one of the most important days in your life.  As you make the countless decisions for an incredible celebration, consider ecologically and socially responsible products and services.  Your invitations, attire, caterer, reception site, décor and flowers can all add a touch of green to your wedding.  A green wedding is more than a party; it is a personal, sustainable and sentimental celebration to remember! 

At Johnson's Catering we are committed to conducting our business in ways that support rather than harm the environment. For us, being sustainable is not just a policy, it’s what we do. Our staff works to create beautiful events using eco-friendly practices and Chef Donnell designs custom menus using locally grown and organic products.  By using the earth’s resources efficiently and serving local produce rather than food transported thousands of miles, fewer air pollutants are produced, less fossil fuel is consumed and an organic menu means no toxic pesticides are used.  Our guests definitely taste the difference!

As a supporter of local agriculture, Johnson's Catering is committed to strengthening the soils that nourish the foods placed on your table.   We can keep as much trash out of the landfills as possible by using reusable linens, china, cutlery, glassware and decorations and we offer recycled paper plates and napkins, as well as compostable, corn-based utensils and cups for the casual wedding.

Chef Donnell will work with you on centerpieces and other décor. Use live plants for your centerpieces and plant them after the reception; choose different plants for each table and you’ll have a variety for your garden.  Or use local, organic flowers for centerpieces and bouquets and soy based or beeswax candles to light the tables.

To reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint, consider locations centrally located to the majority of your guests - this will lessen the need for your guests to travel a long distance.  In addition, you may want to consider supporting a local community garden or farmer.  Not only will you be providing revenue for a local business, you will have a natural setting and will raise awareness of the earth we are trying to heal.  Chef Donnell can travel with you to your wedding site or you can us recommend a site for you.  We are able to host both your ceremony and reception. 

Rather than giving chocolate as a wedding favor, consider donating to an organization that will plant trees in your guest’s names, or give each guest a tree-in-a-box.  If your heart is set on chocolate, choose organic chocolate in recycled packaging.  Johnson's Catering also makes favors.  We have salts, jams and syrups that can be personalized.  

Above all, don’t stress out about being 100% green. Sometimes cost and convenience will influence your decisions and that’s okay.  

The important thing is to consider the options, and incorporate as many earth-friendly practices into your wedding as is practical for you. The result will be a celebration of love for all.




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Johnson's Catering provides cooking classes, catering, and ice sculpting (ice carving) in Birmingham, AL and surrounding
areas. Chef Donnell can also come to you which means that if you are close to Alabama, he can come to your town and
create the ice scuptures in your area to minimize problems with delivery and transportation.